Sunz of Man – “The Last Shall Be 1st” review

The Sunz of Man are a Wu-Tang Killa Bee subgroup & this is their full-length debut. The song “Natural High” talks about how their music moves the listener’s bodies & the Al Green sample on here is just as dope. The song “Flaming Swords” has a violent tone lyrically & delivery wise & the ominous keys that True Master incorporates into his production are PERFECT! The song “Illusions” with Wu-Tang Clan member Masta Killa talks about how the game ain’t the same & not only do I like the Donny Hathaway sample that you’ll hear, but I really love the way 4th Disciple incorporates the Bob Marley sample that pops in during the last couple minutes. The song “Shining Star” heavily samples the Earth, Wind & Fire song with the same name & the 2 Ol’ Dirty Bastard verses that comes up in the beginning along with the one near the end are a nice touch as well. The song “Tribulations” is on some life shit & not only do I like the guitar throughout RZA’s production, but the sped-up vocal sample that he uses throughout the track is classic RZA. The track “The Plan” is the 5th & final song on the entire album to have a verse or verses from Killah Priest & the group are talking about breaking plans over a perfectly Ann Peebles sample. The song “Inmates to the Fire” menacingly talks about how the group will fuck up wack MCs tonight over an eerie RZA beat. The song “Can I See You?” with Killarmy member Kinetic 9 is about how they stay camouflaged & the keys that RZA throws in with these hard boom bap drums were pretty cool. The penultimate song “Next Up” with Method Man has a nice guitar passage throughout & I really like how everyone ends one verse & starts off another by throwing it back to the classic Juice Crew posse cut “The Symphony”. The final song “Intellectuals” with Raekwon & U-God talks about how their rhymes gains everyone’s attention & I guess the sporadic keys throughout aren’t bad at all. Although I wish Killah Priest appeared on more than just 5 songs, I’d say this is Sunz of Man’s best album as well as one of my favorite albums to come from a Wu-Tang affiliated MC/singer or group. The production is vintage Wu for the most part & the group sounds really ambitious

Score: 4/5


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