Tech N9ne – “Something Else” review

After only releasing 3 EPs in 2012, Kansas City indie hip hop icon Tech N9ne is now dropping his 1st project of 2013 & it is his 13th full-length album. The album’s first song “Straight Out the Gate” starts off with a group of depressed kids saying The Techn9cian Pledge, but then Tech explodes about his weirdness as well as the industry over a rap rock beat & the hook from System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian on here is just powerful. The song “B.I.T.C.H. (Breaking In To Colored Houses)” has a haunting beat & lyrically, he talks about how the black community looked down upon him when he first came up on the scene but now he’s been seeing more African American fans at his shows in recent years. The song “Fortune Force Field” addresses the lawsuit that Caribou Coffee filed against Tech & his label Strange Music over the Caribou Lou alcoholic beverage that Tech has been pushing for quite some time now & not only is the beat somber, but you can just hear how upset Tech is about the whole ordeal in his delivery. The song “Fragile” has a relaxing beat & it sees Tech as well as ¡MAYDAY! & even Black Hippy member Kendrick Lamar taking personal jabs at all the critics who’ve given them negative reviews over the courses of their careers. The production on the song “Priorities” has very little distinctive characteristics but I absolutely love how Tech, The Game & Angel Davenport are trading short verses back & forth with each other throughout the song’s 2 minute runtime. The song “Dwamn” is a club track while it is pretty energetic sonically, it’s probably the song I listen to the least on here. The song “So Dope” is conceptually about Tech as well as Twisted Insane & Wrekonize talking about sex, but then Snow Tha Product’s closing verse goes off on all the dudes that’re thirsty for her. Every one goes off on this song delivery & flow wise, but I’d say the last 2 verses from Twisted Insane & Snow Tha Product are the ones that truly stood out to me. The track “That’s My Kid” sees Tech getting with Big K.R.I.T. & Kutt Calhoun to express the love they have for their kids & while the production fits the vibe, the hook from Cee-Lo Green could’ve been executed a lot better. The song “Meant to Happen” has these electronic sounding keys & lyrically, Tech’s looking back on his mother’s 1st seizure as well as a time where he was almost murdered while living with his aunt. The song “Believe” has an uplifting beat & it talks about standing up for what we all believe in. He even uses a time where he performed for US troops overseas as a base for the song. The final song on the standard edition “Strange 2013” heavily samples “Strange Days” by The Doors & the’s talking about how popular his label is becoming. As for the 7 bonus tracks, I’m not gonna get too deep into a whole lot of them but I’ll talk about a couple. The song “Drowning” stood out to me the most out of all of them mainly because of the relatable comparison of demons dragging him down & drowning in an ocean. The song “Thizzles” with Danny Brown is another club track about ecstasy & I actually feel like this was made to follow the trend of hip hop songs about ecstasy at the time. Although I prefer Tech N9ne’s last non-Collabos album All 6’s & 7’s, this is still an enjoyable album regardless

Score: 3.5/5


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