Lil Yachty – “Summer Songs 2” review

4 months after his breakout mixtape Lil Boat, 18 year old Atlanta trap/cloud rapper Lil Yachty pumps out another mixtape that’s just as predictable has his previous effort. I like that the production is a still pretty dreamy & chill at times (mainly on Idk) but yet again there’s little to no lyrical substance with heavy use of Auto-Tune as well as the cluttered guest appearances on half the tape aren’t doing it for me. However, his voice on Intro (First Day of Summer) reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt for some reason & he actually sounds motivated on Shoot Out the Roof which is hands down the best track on the whole tape. If he did more tracks like those 2 particular tracks, this would actually be an ok tape. To me, King of Teens is probably the worst track on the whole tape mainly because he tries to sound EXACTLY like Future from start to finish from the beat to even the vocal delivery. Yachty shows a little bit more potential on here vocally than his previous effort overall but to me, this is just a rehash of Lil Boat

Score: 1/5


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