Danny Brown – “Atrocity Exhibition” review

After releasing 2 modern hip hop classics under Fool’s Gold Records in 2011 & 2013, Detroit MC Danny Brown is teaming up with Warp Records to come back with his 4th full-length album. He has also enlisted Paul White, who produced 5 tracks on his previous album Old, to produce 10 of the 15 tracks on this album over here. The album starts off with the track “Downward Spiral”, where Danny’s talking about his drug addiction & depression over an aggressive beat. On the next track “Tell Me What I Don’t Know”, Danny’s basically reminiscing about his days in the streets & I really love how psychedelic the production sounds on here. The track “Rolling Stone” sees Danny talking about living his life like a rock star’s (kinda like the track “Die Like a Rockstar” off Danny’s sophomore effort XXX), but I find the hook from the song’s producer Petite Noir on here to be more haunting & the bass is pretty tight too. The track “Really Doe” sees Danny teaming up with Black Hippy members Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul as well as Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt to deliver a posse cut & while every single one of them spit hard verses on here, I’m not gonna sleep on the production by my man Black Milk. The beat he provides has some nice twinkling chimes & some popping drums throughout. The track “Lost” kinda continues where the opener left off & the vocal sample on here fits the vibe perfectly. The track “Ain’t It Funny” sees Danny talking about living live in the fast lane over an awesomely chaotic beat & Danny’s flow on this track is absolutely killer. The tracks “Golddust” & “White Lines” talk about his experiences with cocaine & while I do enjoy both tracks, I prefer “White Lines” because The Alchemist’s production here sounds purely evil in contrast to Paul’s production on “Golddust” sounding post-punk inspired (which is perfectly fitting too, considering the fact that the album’s named after the opening track off of post-punk band Joy Division’s 2nd & final album Closer). The track “Pneumonia” is said to be the only party song on the entire album & while I do enjoy that it does live up to that sonically, the background vocals from ScHoolboy Q fits the entire track like a glove. The track “Dance in the Water” is a sex track & there’s actually funny ass Puff Daddy reference near the end of the 2nd verse. The beat on here has a nice vocal sample & a groovy bassline too. The track “From the Ground” is basically Danny’s rags to riches story over a gloomy beat & Kelela’s vocals on here are just beautiful! Danny’s delivery on here has a pretty serious tone throughout too & I think that’s what makes this track one of my favorites off the entire album. The album’s lead single “When It Rain” has an eerie beat & Danny’s energy on here is just off the chain. The track “Today” sees Danny talking about how his life’s going right now & there’s a reference to “B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)” by OutKast near the end of the 1st verse that’s actually pretty cool. The beat on here is pretty ominous sounding as well. The track “Get Hi” sees Danny talking about weed over a relaxing beat & while it’s definitely fitting that he got Cypress Hill frontman B-Real on the hook, I kinda wish he had a verse on here. The album’s closer “Hell for It” is a perfect way to end the album because it’s sonically uplifting in contrast to the rest of the album having a dark vibe throughout. While I personally don’t enjoy a vast majority of Iggy Azalea’s music, I feel like it’s becoming cliché for people to diss her but I actually find Danny’s jab at her near the end of the final verse on this track to be pretty humorous. To me, Danny’s just outdoing himself with every single album & I think this could very well be his best work to date. I absolutely love how experimental the production is along with how it fits Danny’s dark lyrics near perfectly. I think this album solidifies Danny as one of the most unique MCs right now & arguably the face of modern Detroit hip hop, because this album just gets crazier & crazier with each & every single listen

Score: 4.5/5


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