Warren G – “I Want It All” review

Released 2 years after his somewhat disappointing sophomore effort Take a Look Over Your Shoulder (Reality), Long Beach MC/producer Warren G is redeeming himself with his 3rd full-length album. Unlike last time & even his classic debut Regulate…G-Funk Era combined, this album has more of a relaxing vibe throughout & Warren surprisingly leaves most of the rhyming to the guest appearances as he focuses more on producing. It results in some of my favorite tracks Warren has ever done such as the beautifully smooth “Gangsta Love”, the reflective “My Momma (Ola Mae)”, the seductive “G-Spot”, the triumphant “Dope Beat” & my personal favorite on the entire album “Game Don’t Wait” which sees 213 (the trio Warren started out with for those who don’t know) reuniting. A lot of people seem to prefer the Xzibit featured remix done by Warren’s step-brother Dr. Dre & while Dre will always be my all-time favorite producer & his remix of the track is indeed dope, I prefer the OG Warren produced version of it that appears on the album because I find it to be absolutely beautiful. Especially with the acoustic guitar loop throughout. For some reason, I never hear people talking about this album when discussing Warren’s solo output & I think that’s a damn shame because I personally find this to be his best album since his debut as well as one of my all-time favorite albums

Score: 4.5/5


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