Masta Killa – “Made in Brooklyn”

Just 2 years after his classic solo debut No Said Date, the almighty Wu-Tang Clan’s quietest swordsman is now returning with a sophomore effort. The song “E.N.Y. House” talks about about Masta Killa’s hometown of Brooklyn & the beat from MF DOOM on here has an unsurprising albeit dope sample from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon. The song “It’s What It Is”‘with fellow Wu members Ghostface Killah & Raekwon has these war inciting horns as well as some gritty street bars. Not sure if I would prefer it over “D.T.D. (Do That Dance)” from the previous album, but it’s still a hard song regardless. The song “Iron God Chamber” is an in your face battle rap track with a dope ass Otis Redding sample throughout & I while I enjoy every single verse on here, I really love how Jamel starts his closing verse by shouting out every single person who went before him (U-God, RZA & Method Man). The next song “Pass the Bone” is a modern version of the song that appeared on the GZA’s commonly slept-on debut Words from the Genius & as much as I like the original version of the song, I feel like this modern version was VERY unnecessary. The song “Older Gods, Pt. 2” is a sequel to the track “Older Gods” off the Clan’s classic 2nd album Wu-Tang Forever & while I do enjoy the jazzy horns that Pete Rock incorporates into the production as well as Masta Killa’s verses, I feel like the spoken bits on this track kinda drag it on for longer than it should’ve been. The song “Street Corner” sees Jamel getting with GZA & Inspectah Deck to sincerely talk about the struggles they’ve been through & the symphonic sounding production from Bronze Nazareth on here is flawless! While I feel like the production as well as some of the features could’ve been much better, I still find this to be an enjoyable sophomore effort

Score: 3.5/5


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