Horde – “Hellig Usvart” review

Horde is or was the solo project of Australian musician Jayson Sherlock & to date, this is the only album to ever be released under the Horde name. Around the time of this album’s release, this was a VERY polarizing album & I wouldn’t doubt if it still is today to a degree. Namely because this is a black metal album with religious/anti-Satanic lyrics (& black metal is NOTORIOUS for featuring anti-religious/Satanic lyrics). I can totally understand the polarization but to me, this is a VERY unique album. I mean I don’t believe the Satanist ideology that some black metal bands express, but I still do enjoy a small handful of albums from the subgenre such as Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse or more recently Panopticon’s Roads to the North for their intensity (which is really what I like about metal music in general). However, the main reason I really enjoy this album is because this was something that had never been done before. While the album does feature menacing instrumentation as well as the lo-fi recording & shrieked vocals that you would normally hear on a black metal album, I think Jayson made this album as a passionate experiment rather than being made as a gimmick. This is NOT for every metalhead I would say (namely diehard fans of black metal) but if you’ve ever been curious as to what would happen if Stryper met Darkthrone, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Score: 5/5

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