Brotha Lynch Hung – “Season of da Siccness” review

After arriving on the scene just 2 years prior with his 1st EP 24 Deep, Sacramento spitter Brotha Lynch Hung is hitting us with his full-length debut. Just like 24 Deep, Hung entirely produced the album on his own & it is yet another fantastic but better blend of horrorcore & g-funk. The album really starts off the track “Siccmade”, where Lynch compares himself to Jeffrey Dahmer throughout the whole song & the production is perfect to cruise down the block to. The track “Return of da Baby Killa” is conceptually Brotha Lynch teaming up with his half-brother Sicx to talk about killing kids & eating their corpses. This is honestly my least favorite track on the entire album because while he does shock value well on here as well as every other track, the whole concept of this entire track honestly makes me uncomfortable. The track “Locc 2 da Brain” sees Lynch with 4 of his friends talking about how crazy each one of them are & this track would actually see controversy a year after this album’s release due to a suicide being allegedly influenced by this track. The track “Liquor Sicc” is pretty much a dedication to his cousin & you can hear the frustration in his voice throughout the whole song. The track “Datz Real Gangsta” is a pretty simple West Coast gangsta rap track about what real G’s do & “Deep Down” is actually a pretty sincere track about hoping to succeed in a music career. As much as I love 24 Deep, I really think Brotha Lynch solidifies himself as one of the most prominent faces of the horrorcore subgenre with this album. If you want g-funk but with a disgusting lyrical twist, then DEFINITELY check this album out

Score: 4.5/5


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